We are a Greek company who make ceramic craft with performances and themes from Ancient Greece,Having extensive experience in the field(since 1986)we collaborate with the best potters and we create piece of art with respect in Ancient Greek tradition.We strive to capture and disseminate worldwide the style and culture of our ancestors.Our products are accompanied by a certificated that are Handmade from the start to finish .From the moment being clay and gets up on the wheel,the banking in the furnace,the background creation,the strip the design,the decoration and the finish.
We make many creations and styles from Ancient Greek Periods. We make Black figure pottery(620-480B.C.), Red figure(525-370B.C.),White Ground technique(500-400B.C.), Geometric Period Art (1000-750B.C.),Cretan Art from Minoan Civilization(2600-1100B.C), Corinthian Art(610-535B.C.) etc. We also make Museum Replicas.
We make also many types of vessels.Vases used for storing wine like Amphora, Pelike, Stamnos. Vases used for serving wine like Oinochoe,Olpe,Hydria(Storing Water),Wedding vases like Gamikos lebes,Loytrophoros, Vases used watering down wine like Krater.Vases used for drinking wine like Kylix,Skyphos and Pythagoreian Cup.Vases used for storing oil like Lekythos. We also make other types of ceramics like Plates, lamps, Candlestick, jewellery box etc. . .
The Philosophy of the Company is to create customers that are fully satisfied with the qualityy of our work,but also with our professionalism and consistency,with the aim of buying again and again.We have been shipped small and large orders at all over the world for many years.So we have the expirience to take great care of the packaging.We use techniques that the vases ship safe. We are next to each customer for any markings or clarification. So dont hesitate to contact with us ,before or after the order.