Red figure Pottery Plate 32cm,Shows Achilles Binds Patroclus,Museum Replicas reproduction

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Enhance your wall decor with a Ceramic Plate ,a reproduction ofa Red Figure pottery Kylix from  Ancient Greek Museum Replicas.Attributed the Sosias Painter(500B.C.). Red-figure vase painting is one of the...



Enhance your wall decor with a Ceramic Plate ,a reproduction ofa Red Figure pottery Kylix from  Ancient Greek Museum Replicas.Attributed the Sosias Painter(500B.C.).

Red-figure vase painting is one of the most important styles of figural Greek vase painting. It developed in Athens around 520 BC and remained in use until the late 3rd century BC.It replaced the previously dominant style of black figure vase painting within a few decades. Its modern name is based on the figural depictions in red colour on a black background, in contrast to the preceding black-figure style with black figures on a red background.

It is depicted Achilles Tending Patroclus’ wounds

Achilles and Patroclus, are one of the most celebrated male warrior pairs in Greek literature after the Trojan War. Achilles is a young Greek warrior in Homer’s Iliad who possesses superhuman strength and ability as he was born from a nymph and a mortal. He is known for his only weakness being in his heel as his mother dipped him in the river Styx as an infant and held him by his heel. Patroclus is a warrior who grew up as a role model and companion to Achilles as appointed by Achilles’ father.

Homer, the poet writes the pair as two friends with a tender relationship later deemed as pederastic by the Greeks, where in which an older male figure mentors and cares for the younger as a “rite of passage” that could include sexual relations. After the death Patroclus, Achilles’ aim for fighting in the war became Patroclus. Achilles’ grief causes him insomnia and a great drive to fight and avenge Patroclus’ death at the hands of Hector, a Trojan prince and fighter for Troy. After Homer’s Iliad, the two can be found in art and literature demonstrating their bond and companionship

Net weight: 1,3 kgr(2,86lbr),  Diameter: 32cm(12,60in)

This product is accompanied by a certificated that are HAND MADE from the start to finish .From the moment being clay and gets up on the wheel, the banking in the furnace, the background creation,the strip the design, the decoration and the finish.We strive to capture and disseminate worldwide the style and culture of our ancestors .
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